Contributing to the national economy, perceiving continuous development as a part of a sustainable strategy, conscious of social and environmental responsibilities, who acquires quality as a priority and principal achieving our primary goals; being the leading company in roof, wall, single skin panels and industrial cold store panels production segment; creating perfect solutions in a fast and economical manner, all the way till delivery and application of the goods. Aluform must contribute professional and technical support for total customer satisfaction.

To ensure business excellence by qualified management system is the main duty of Aluform PEKINTAS AS.




ÖdülOur laboratory works, and quality assurance policies were presented Goldstar European Quality Award in 1999. Moreover, our company received Quality Crown Award that declares the perfection in quality in the years 2004,2006 and 2008. Furthermore studies and certifications of Quality Systems and Civil Organizations like ISO 9001:2000, B.I.D., QCK 100, TSEK, CE and TUGIAD together with the new TSE EN 14509 standart for the sandwich panels of TURKISH and EUROPEAN STANDARTS INSTITUTES were completed.

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